You certainly know the word “jai- (ใจ-)” which is a noun in Thai language and means “heart” or “mind.” That is the physical organ in your chest. Just like in English, the word heart is also associated with a more spiritual level to describe feelings or characteristics which is considered a cognitive mechanism of understanding and reasoning, use in everyday life to understand more abstract domain. However, did you know that when it is compound with verbs as in the following examples, the meaning is changed.

  1. เข้าใจ khâw-jai = [to] understand

phǒm khâw-jai wâa phûu-yǐŋ thúk-khon yàak sǔay
I understand that all ladies want to be beautiful lady.

  1. ใจดี jai-dii = [to be] kind-hearted; kind; generous

fɛɛn chǎn bpen khon jai-dii dt̀ɛɛ khîi-nǐaw
My boyfriend has a kind-hearted but he is stingy.

  1. ใจเย็น jai-yen = [to be] calm, relaxed

fɛɛn phǒm tham ŋaan-fǐi-mɯɯ dâay dii phrɔ́ khǎw bpen khon jai-yen
แฟนผมทำงานฝีมือได้ดีเพราะเขา เป็นคนใจเย็น
My girlfriend can do handicraft well because she is calm.

^_^ That’s all for today, try to use these words and practice with your Thai friends and see if they understand you.