Let’s learn more about the Thai word “khîi (ขี้)”.

Actually, this word “khîi (ขี้)” means excrement or dung, however, in the Thai language we use this word as a “prefix” to explain some negative personality traits of a person. The word “khîi” (ขี้ – falling tone) can function as a noun meaning “feces”, which is solid waste from your body. However, it can also function as a prefix and it is used with many adjective and verbs in order to create adjectives used for describing the characteristics, the qualities, the traits of that make up someone’s personality. These personality traits are mostly negative.

ขี้ /khîi/ = waste product; feces; excrement, characterized by, given to, having the quality of indicates a bad or negative character trait

khîi (ขี้) + adjective/ verb = Negative Personality Traits of someone

There are some interesting words as follows:

  1. “khîi-lɯɯm (ขี้ลืม)” = to be forgetful
    khǎw bpen khon khîi-lɯɯm
    He is a forgetful person.
  1. “khîi-uàt (ขี้อวด)” = to be showy or bragging
    chǎn mâi chɔ̂ɔp phûu chaay khon nán khǎw khîi-uàt
    ฉันไม่ชอบผู้ชายคนนั้นเขาขี้อวดมาก ๆ
    I don’t like that guy; he is very showy.
  1. “khîi-maw (ขี้เมา)” = a drunkard
    khǎw khîi-maw mâak mâak
    เขาขี้เมามาก ๆ
    He is so drunkard.
  1. “khîi-niǎw (ขี้เหนียว)” = to be stingy
    thəə bpen khon khîi-niǎw
    She is a stingy person.
  1. “khîi-glua (ขี้กลัว)” = to be chicken-hearted/coward
    yàa bpen khon khîi-glua
    Don’t be a coward.
  1. “khîi-giàt (ขี้เกียจ)” = to be lazy
    wan níi phǒm khîi-giàt ɔ̀ɔk bpai khâaŋ nɔ̂ɔk
    I am lazy to go out today.

Here are some more words with the prefix “khîi- (ขี้-)”:
– aay (อาย) to be shy = khîi-aay (ขี้อาย) = is shy/ is timid/ is sheepish
– móo (โม้) to brag = khîi-móo (ขี้โม้) = is boastful
– go-hòk (โกหก) to lie = khîi-go-hòk (ขี้โกหก) = is dishonest
– gooŋ (โกง) to cheat = khîi-gooŋ (ขี้โกง) = is sly/ is cunning
– lên (เล่น) to play = khîi-lên (ขี้เล่น) = is playful/ is a joker
– ìt-chǎa (อิจฉา) to jealous = khîi-ìt-chǎa (ขี้อิจฉา) = is jealous  is bitter

So, now you know how to use the Prefix Thai word “khîi- (ขี้-)”; add to your vocabulary list and practice it with your Thai friends. Don’t forget to practice your Thai by making different sentences using this word with different situations.