Thai has many proverbs and idioms. Let’s see the Thai Idioms “mɛɛw (แมว)”


  1. mɛɛw khà-mooy (แมวขโมย)
    Cat burglar refer to someone who always steal little things from other.
  1. yàa fàak bplaa-yâaŋ wái gàp mɛɛw (อย่าฝากปลาย่างไว้กับแมว)
    Don’t leave a grilled fish with a cat if you can not trust him.
  1. mɛɛw mâi yùu nǔu râa-rəəŋ (แมวไม่อยู่หนูร่าเริง)
    When the cat is away, the mice will play. It means when no one in authority is present, the subordinates can do as they please.
  1. yɔ́ɔm mɛɛw khǎay (ย้อมแมวขาย)
    You cannot make a silk velvet purse out of a sow’s ear. It means “to put lipstick on a pig”.
  1. dtiin mɛɛw (ตีนแมว)
    The word “dtiin mɛɛw (ตีนแมว)” is not an impolite word, it merely has a specific meaning. It means someone who walks around softly when breaking into a place to steal someone else’s belongings.
  1. mɛɛw gâaw chii-wít (แมวเก้าชีวิต)
    A cat has nine lives. 
  1. yɯ̂ɯn mǔu yɯ̂ɯn mɛɛw (ยื่นหมูยื่นแมว)
    Literally is “Put out your pig, put out your cat”. It means to swap, a favor for a favor, what for what, give and take.

We hope you enjoy with the CAT idioms ^_^