Are you interested in studying Thai full-time with TSL?
We are pleased to invite you to continue reading this information to learn more about The “ED Visa”.

The ED Visa is for foreign students, who wish to study in Thailand. A student must apply for this visa outside the country. It is normally valid for 90 days. ED Visa students will study a minimum 80% of offering hours during the 90-days visa period. Tuition hours need to be used during the 90-days visa period. They are non-transferable & non-refundable. Unused hours will expire at the end of each 90-days visa period.

ED Visa Application Policy, to qualify for this visa:

  1. You must have a passport (valid for at least 18 months at the planned date of arrival).
  2. You must be willing to fulfill all study & attendance requirements.
  3. You must apply for the ED Visa outside the Kingdom of Thailand.
  4. You must meet all the Royal Thai Government requirements.

Thai Education Visa Application Process and Policy in Chiang Mai
You can study Thai with us if you have a tourist or non-immigrant visa, or visa-exempt permission to stay. Anyone who is legally in the country is able to take our Thai courses. You can obtain a renewable 3-months, 6-months or 12-months non-immigrant Education Visa with TSL courses. Each Ed-Visa lesson courses (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) is valid for 3-12 months (depending on MOE regulations in each province) from the start date.

To apply for this visa, simply come to our school and bring your passport, you will need a Letter of Acceptance from our school and several letters from the Royal Thai Government. This process will take at least 3-5 weeks to complete. Continue to the steps below:

  1. Course enrollment:
    a. Complete ED-Visa course enrollment form
    b. Provide supporting documents to school as follows:
    – Original Passport
    – Academic record and the student ID (if you currently studying)
    – 2 passport photos (2″ x 2″)
    c. The enrollment will be completed after students have paid the full amount of tuition fee.In order to apply for an ED Visa to be able to enroll in Thai language courses with TSL, you will need to have a tourist visa that is still valid for at least another 3-5 weeks upon submission of visa application. Furthermore, to qualify for sponsorship of your Education Visa (12 months) you must enroll on our “full-time” Thai Language course (390 hours/year) package. Knowledge can only process the student’s application once payment has been received and all necessary documents have been submitted for review by one of your consultants. Payments can be made in person or done via overseas bank transfer. The total price will include your textbooks, level tests, and all fees related to processing the visa approval letter from the MOE. (excluded the extensions cost 1,900 Baht for every 90 days; government charges.)
  2. Apply for ED-Visa
    a. The paperwork will take 30 – 45 days, we will contact you after your documents are approved. You must apply for the ED-Visa outside the Kingdom of Thailand.
    b. When applying for ED-Visa, the student needs supporting documents as follows:
    – School’s supporting document
    – Recommendation letter addressed to the Embassy/Consulate
    – Visa approval letter from the Ministry of Education (MOE)
    – Original passport
    – Visa application form completely filled out
    – 2 passport photos (2″ x 2″)
    – ED-Visa fee (approximately 2,000 Baht for a single entry)
    *Please note that the letter from MOE is valid for 1 month after the date of approval
  3.  Start your course
    a. The student must contact the school within 1 month after hi/her arrival in Thailand with his/her updated passport
    b. The student must notify his/her address to the immigration within 24 hours from the of arrival at the residence (TM 30), and bring a receipt to the school
  4. Visa extension
    a. The validation of a Visa is 3 months
    b. The student must apply for a visa extension of stay at the immigration office
    c. When extending an ED-Visa, the student needs supporting documents as follows:
    – School’s supporting documents
    – Copy of TM 30 receipt
    – Original passport
    – Extension fee ( 1,900 Baht)
    – Visa approval letter from the Ministry of Education (MOE)
    *Our school will prepare the paperwork for each of the above mentioned extensions. All necessary document will be ready in 2 weeks prior to your ED-Visa expiry date. We will then inform you to pick up your paperwork and fill out a form that must be submitted to Chiang Mai Immigration.

    Please be informed that the school must be notified each time, “Your passport is updated”

Documents prepared by you:

– 10 passport photographs – these need to be 2”x2” or 3x4cm

– 4 sets of passport copies (any pages with immigration stamps [from any country] on them) with your signature signed on each page. Please note that your passport must have validity for at least another 18 months and must have sufficient pages remaining to account for the future Thai Education Visa stamp, and the visa from the country you will need to enter to process the visa from (for example Laos).

Documents prepared by us:

– 6 sets of “Personal History Check” Form with your signature on each page.

– 4 sets of “Purpose of Attending” Form with your signature on each page.

– Application form and payment receipt with your signature on the application form.

– Police criminal history check (this document must be translated into Thai). This is only necessary for some nationalities and must be issued from your home country if applicable.

– A copy of School Registration with Director’s signature.

– A copy of director registration form with Director’s signature.

– A copy of school regulations with Director’s signature.

– A copy of course syllabus with Director’s signature.

Processing letter from the Ministry of Education

– To get the necessary documents from the MOE in order to apply for the first 3-months Education Visa takes at least 3-5 weeks, which will count from the time the school has received all documentation from your side.

– Your application is dependent on the letter being processed promptly from the MOE, on rare occasions this process can be delayed, therefore we recommend ensuring you have more than 3 weeks remaining on your tourist visa before applying for your Education Visa.

Applying for the Education Visa

– Once you all the necessary documents are prepared you will need to leave Thailand and visit an embassy or consulate to process your application. Please note for some nationalities you will need to do this from your home country.

– You must inform the school in advance which embassy or consulate you intend to process your application as the documents we provide to support your application are labeled specific to an individual consulate.

– Application processing at embassies and consulates typically takes two working days for a 3 months Education Visa.

– Please also check the working hours and relevant upcoming holidays of the embassy or consulate at which you plan to apply for the ED-Visa (embassies and consulates will normally be closed on both Thai and local holidays).

The second letter from the Ministry of Education:
Once you return we will begin processing the application for a second letter from the MOE. This letter will take approximately 4 weeks to process and will enable us to extend your visa for an additional 9 months beyond your initial 3 months visa already in hand.

The 90 days check-in:
Once you have an approved Thai Education Visa you will need to check in every 90 days with your local immigration office. Please note that failure to do so can result in overstay fees being charged by the immigration officers and can impact future visa applications.

List of countries that are exceptions:
If you are from one of the nationalities listed here you will need to apply for your visa from your home country. You will also need to provide a criminal background check (police criminal history check) as listed in Stage 3 and Nationalities and Ages qualify.


In the options below, you will find several methods of contacting us to apply for assistance with the ED Visa process. In addition to applying online, applicants already in Thailand are invited to visit our office during our office hours (10.30 – 19.30) to speak with our staff or contact us to schedule an appointment.