lt in your vias being REVOKEA non-immigrant ED Visa guarantee.

The ED visa paperwork and the visa extension paperwork are complimentary from our school. All students must come to classes regularly. The terms and conditions and rules regarding ED Visas are subject to change without prior notice. Changes are a direct result of the law. The visa process is not 100% guaranteed, however, we have had a lot of success and are able to advise and support the vast majority of ED Visa applicants. If the Visa application is refused by the Thai embassy or consulate, student’s payment is refundable but the school will charge 3,000 BHT required to reserve the seat and to process Visa supporting documents.

  • If the student cancels for any reason prior to completing the supporting documents, a full refund will be given.
  • In case of a visa refusal, a full refund minus registration fees (3,000 Baht) will be given.
  • If the student cancels after the supporting documents are completed, payment is 50% refundable.
  • After the visa is approved or the course has already begun, no refund will be given.
  • If the student withdraws the course after the visa has been obtained, no refund will be given.
  • A student who misses any lessons/classes for any reason, no refund will be given.
  • A student who misses any lessons/classes for any reason is not entitled to do a make-up class.
  • Students are expected to attend classes regularly. Classes attendance is closely monitored by the MOE, you will be expected to attend 80% of all required classes of the school. Failure to attend will result in your visa being REVOKED and no refund will be given.

Note: The length of the visa granted is determined by the Thai MOE and Thai Immigration.