THAI as a SECOND LANGUAGE (TSL); Licensed and Certified Thai Language School by the Thai Ministry of Education. Our school is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education (MOE), and our Thai-language curriculum has been accepted by Thai Immigration as appropriate for issuing and extending non-immigrant Education Visas. Firstly, we would like to inform you in more detail about the ED-Visa process regarding immigration regulations, Thailand Ministry of Education regulations and our system in order to reduce possible misunderstandings.


TSL Study Schedules

Study schedules are arranged according to student availability. For one-to-one students, the schedule is very flexible. For small group students, the group agrees together on a schedule, so students can study on the days and times that are convenient for them. To qualify for an ED Visa, the schedule for classes must be a minimum of 2 lessons per day/4-5 days per week. Lessons are 50-60 minutes each.

Please note that we reserve visa assistance for those who are serious about learning Thai language & Thai culture with our school.

ED-Visa Levels Breakdown Fees Note
3 Months

Listening & Speaking Thai level 1-3

120Hrs; 4Days/week, 2-3Hrs/Day 125 Baht/Hr. 15,000
6 Months

Listening & Speaking Thai level 1-3

Reading & Writing Thai level 1-3

190Hrs; 4Days/week, 2-3Hrs/Day 113 Baht/Hr. 21,500
1 Year

Listening & Speaking Thai level 1-10

Reading & Writing Thai level 1-3

390Hrs; 4Days/week, 2-3Hrs/Day 83 Baht/Hr.  32,500
Course Information

**ED-VISA students will be study on Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 2 hours and Saturday (Thai culture class) for 2-3 hours depends on a topic by week.
**All ED-VISA Student fees are included 4-10 text books, audios, learning materiel, paperwork for the MOE and Immigration documents, school documents.