THAI as a SECOND LANGUAGE (TSL); Licensed and Certified Thai Language School by the Thai Ministry of Education (MOE).Our Thai-language curriculum has been accepted by Thai Immigration as appropriate for issuing and extending non-immigrant Education Visas.
If you are interested in studying Thai full-time with TSL, we are pleased to invite you to continue reading this information to understand more about the “ED-Visa”.

General Information

The ED-Visa is for foreigner students, who wish to study in Thailand. A student must apply for this visa outside the country.
It is normally valid for 90 days, ED-Visa students will study a minimum 80% of offering hours during the 90  days visa period.
Tuition hours need to be used during the 90 days visa period. They are non-transferable & non-refundable.
Unused hours will expire at the end of each 90 days visa period.

To qualify for this visa:
1. You must have a passport (valid for at least 18 months at the planned date of arrival)
2. You must be willing to fulfill all study & attendance requirements
3. You must apply for the ED-Visa outside the Kingdom of Thailand
4. You must meet all the Royal Thai Government requirements
To apply for this visa, a student will need a Letter of Acceptance from the language school and several letters from the Royal Thai Government.
This process will take at least 30 – 45 days to complete.


Course fees and descriptions
Students will study in a small group of 3 – 8 students. Here are the fees for Thai (ED-Visa) lessons at TSL Chiang Mai:

Length Hour Breakdown Fee Note
3 Months (90 days) 4Days/week, 2-3Hrs/Day 15,000 Baht
6 Months (180 days) 4Days/week, 2-3Hrs/Day 21,500 Baht
12 Months (1 year) 4Days/week, 2-3Hrs/Day 32,500 Baht


*The course fees include school fees, audios, textbooks, paperwork for the MOE, and immigration documents.
*Both Thai culture classes and Thai language count towards total ED-Visa hours.
**All ED-Visa courses include mandatory Thai culture lessons.