The Online lessons are available from beginner to advanced level. Our Thai language teachers will teach you the same method available in our school. They have created hundreds of Thai flashcards and Thai language exercises. These learning aids cover most of the vocabulary introduced in our Thai language lessons.

You will receive the e-book version by email. The lesson will be given on Skype with video, which make it more interactive and realistic, you will feel like you are sitting in the classroom with the teacher. For the beginner level, our teachers will use English at first, then we will increase the use of the Thai step by step until Thai will be the only one language use in the class. For intermediate and advanced level, the lessons will mostly be given in Thai. We will encourage you to speak Thai, the more your practice the fastest you will get result.

Courses Description:
First 15 minutes: Review the previous lesson.

  • Review homework assignment from the previous lesson and discuss the answers.
  • Review topics discussed in the previous lesson and focus on any aspects of the lesson that were difficult for you.
  • This review at the beginning of each lesson ensures that you will never forget what you’ve learned

Next 30 minutes: Learn a new subject.

  • For example: a conversation in a restaurant. We will first discuss the vocabulary you need and then practice the conversation. This includes grammar, pronunciation, asking questions, expressing opinions, etc.
  • We use a lot of role play to simulate real life situations as much as possible.

Last 15 minutes: Review the lesson and homework.

  • Review the lesson of that day and discuss any aspects of the lesson that were difficult for you
  • Explain the homework assignment for the next lesson

Courses Fees:

  • 350 Baht per hour (Thailand or Day time in Thai)
  • 500 Baht per hour (Outside Thailand or Night time in Thai)

We can also customize the lessons if you have special request.

If you are interested you can contact us at,
Facebook: TSL Chiang Mai
Or 096-626-4016, 088-267-22-86