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School Agreement
Observation Agreement

Instructions for observers:

– This may seem self-evident, since the students are in class for the express purpose of learning, so as to avoid the interruption you should sit in the class before the class start about 10 minutes.
– In order to observe the teaching/learning method you should make an appointment with the staff at the counter services to facilitate you.

The role of the observer during the class session:

– It’s usually a good idea to seat yourself at the back of the class, so that you have a wide view of the entire room, so you can see the picture of the students, teacher and in it, teacher and white board at the front of the room.
– The students may find the presence of new people more distracting if you sit in the middle of the room. Essentially, you need to be as invisible as possible so that the students are not overly aware of your presence and do not feel self-conscious, inasmuch as your presence might be interrupting.
– We prefer not to have the flow of the lecture interrupted by questions from you, by contrast, welcome student questions at any point during the lecture or expect that students are active participants in discussion with you throughout the class session.
– We prefer you not have any interaction with students or teachers in the classroom during the class.

The time frame of observation:

– You could not get a full tuition time, but in order to get a broad overview of the course, it is a good idea to observe one hour to get a solid sense or a broad picture of the teaching.
– You could leave the classroom after the first hour, along with the other students, when the teacher announced to the room for ten minutes break class.

For more information:
Please contact staff at the counter services.
– Tel:052-000-322
– Website:www.tslchiangmai.com
– Facebook:TSL Chiang Mai

Thank you for your cooperation,
TSL Team