Thai Reading and Writing Class, the course focuses on reading and writing skills in the Thai Language. It is suitable for anyone who cannot read and write Thai or is at a basic level and wishes to improve your existing skills.

What will you learn?

Students will learn reading and writing in Thai systematically, step by step. We will cover all the aspects of the language including the mechanics or writing, proper pronunciation of the five tones, and various styles of writing.

We believe in “Learning by doing”, so you will have an opportunity to engage in a wide variety of exercises in and outside of the class room until you can read and write Thai with ease.

You will learn how to spell and sound out words correctly. Fluency in reading aloud will be greatly improved. Since the course focuses on high-frequency, common words used in daily life, comprehension and use of vocabulary will be enhanced. Understanding the written language and being able to read more fluently will dramatically improve your pronunciation and accent in Thai.

Tips of learning

• Learning about all the basic consonants and understanding exactly how to pronounce them.

• Learning about the vowels and practice pronouncing all vowels; the vowels are the hardest thing to pronounce because you have to get the shape of your mouth just right.

• Learning about the tones, learn the less common consonants and the more complicated (‘combination’) vowels and practice reading simple Thai words.

• Start to practice reading whole sentences without spaces. (In Thai, we don’t need spaces!)

• By the end of the course you’ll be able to sound out any Thai word accurately with the correct tone. You won’t necessarily understand all what you are reading – that comes later by keep practicing. From now you can continuously absorb Thai independently, direct from the living dictionary that surrounds us.

Thai Reading and Writing Class Book 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 the program covers:

• 3 Classes of Consonants

• Vowels

• 5 tones used in Thai language

• Dead and live syllables

• Regular and irregular final consonants

• Changing vowels

• Exceptions in writing

• Symbols and markers in writing

• Words meaning and variations

• Thai font styles