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Thai as a Second Language – Chiang Mai

        TSL-Chiang Mai is a Thai Language education center for working professionals and serious students. We offer a broad range of classes priced competitively. Our school focuses on combining highly educated and experienced teachers with an established curriculum. Finally, our newly-renovated school provides a professional academic setting that is suitable for group classes and private tutoring.


Great diversity and flexibility of lessons provided


How does it work in TSL Chiang Mai Language School?

In our new curriculum, we encourage our students to learn and be familiar with real quotidian conversations in general subjects. We focus mainly the high-frequency words and common expressions that you can hear everywhere. We aim to teach our students to be able to speak exactly and absolutely like Thais. In order to reach that level, we also explain the language in the point of culture. Our students will not only speak like Thais but also understand the difference between Thai language and their own languages in terms of grammar points as well as culture points.


“The staff and teachers are amazing! They are very helpful, engaging and interested in the development of each student. And the best part – It’s affordable!”

— Mr Joe Madrid-Texas

“This Thai language school clearly stands out from the other schools in Chiang Mai. I spent three weeks visiting each school in Chiang Mai and interviewing teachers before choosing TSL-Chiang Mai. Before I purchased my first classes, Teacher Rungrawee (Tangkwa) Instasueb helped design a customized program to meet my demanding requirements. With its excellent prices and professional staff, TSL-Chiang Mai provides the most value to their students. It is quite clear that this school will soon be the premier language learning facility in Chiang Mai.”

— Caleb M. Ling

“As an elderly person I found learning Thai to be quite difficult. I honestly tried three Thai language schools where I did not learn very much. TSL-Chiang Mai was the fourth school I tried and I found that their Beginner’s Course to be adequate for new students. Additionally, the teachers were very patient. Since my first classes, I have graduated to the advanced level classes.”

— Derrick Titmus

“I have been studying at TSL for over a month now and have learned so much. My teacher makes class very fun and we have many laughs while learning this difficult language! She makes the learning enjoyable and encourages me during my moments of struggle! The new school has such a warm and welcoming feel which matches the staff beautifully. Can’t wait to continue studying there this next year and possibly get my children a tutor as well!”

— Ashley Ling

“I just started beginner level 3 and in my mind, TSL stands for ‘Talented, Sweet, and Lovely’ because the teachers at this language school are amazing. Whether you are looking to learn how to order fruit at a market or ark for directions. I recommend TSL as a great place to learn Thai.”

— Yi Williams chen

“Pom chorp TSL till suut (I like TSL the most). Great for making new friends and great fun learning Thai”

— Benjamin James

“I chose TSL because of many of my friends recommendations and I have found more than I expected. The friendly and tolerant teachers make it easier for the students to learn and practice what they’ve learnt. The documents supplied by the course are also satisfactory. All in all, TSL is one of the best Thai course for any level students. Highly recommended!”

— Said Yein



Our school consists of twelve classrooms, an office, and a break area. eight classrooms are used for larger group classes, while the four smaller rooms provide privacy for private and semi-private tutoring. In the larger classrooms, you will notice that our classrooms are structured differently than most schools. To incorporate the principles of the adult learning model, our classrooms feature large tables in order to encourage discussion and peer interaction. Additionally, we offer a social area outside of the school for students to interact while waiting for class. Finally, we feature fast WiFi inside the school facility in order to enhance your learning experience.



08:30 ~ 19.30